Business English
Financial Industry

    1) Business English for Bank and Finance

    2) Business English for Investment Managers

    3) Business English for Portfolio Managers 

    4) Business English for Financial Advisor 

    5) English for certification CFA and CAIA

    6) English for presentations, meetings, roadshows

    7) English for job interview 


High quality, native teachers and professionals

100% Focused on you and your career

Unique and different English courses, 100% focused on your needs and demands, taught by native and semi-native speaker with experience from Bank and Finance.

The course will be designed and constructed specifically for your day-to-day business life. 

Who is it for?

Our courses are created for professionals working in bank and finance, such as investment managers, portfolio managers, traders, financial advisors, financial planners, etc  


Read more below or schedule a meeting with a teacher to know more about our courses 

1What is included in these courses?
- Terminologies, vocabularies, grammar, pronunciations, all related to macro economy, micro economy, market analysis, investments, stock market, bonds, mutual funds, IPOs, interest rates, central banks, inflation, balance sheet, ratios, and much more
- Improving your speaking, pronunciation, writing, reading and listening
- Presentation techniques and skills
- Writing emails and financial reports
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2What is English for CFA / CAIA?
Certifications CFA (Charted Financial Analyst) and CAIA (Charted Alternative Investment Analyst) are considered as the top certifications in financial world. The CFA and CAIA exams are very demanding and time consuming . I addition to this the English language related to the CFA /CAIA is considered advanced and complicated. In our course “ English for CFA/CAIA” we focus on different terminologies and vocabularies while covering different CFA /CAIA subjects. The course is very popular and helps you to feel much more confident and comfortable at exam day. Contact us now and talk to a teacher. .
3Private or Group classes?
We offer both private and group classes. The teaching quality is extremely important for us, therefore our group classes are very small (max. 3 students).
4What is "English for job interview?"
Are you looking for a new job? It is your dream job and you don’t want to miss the opportunity? Let us prepare you for high-end, advance and demanding interviews. With our simulated questions and answers trainings, you get prepared for challenging and stressful interviews. Contact us now and we tell you more. .
5What is English for presentations, meetings and roadshow
“English for presentations, meetings and roadshows “prepares you to participate in meetings, conferences or important presentations. The course focuses on:
- Presentation techniques and skills
- Improving your pronunciations
- Review of structure, grammar, vocabularies, terminologies, charts, and tables used in the presentation
- Possible Q&A
Together we make your presentation much more professional and attractive . Contact us now and tell us about your presentations or meetings .
6What should I do now?
The best is to get in touch with us for a short and quick assessment of your level of English language. In addition, we need to understand you needs and demands. Based on your level of English and your needs we usually can create a course specifically for you. Contact us now and book an online meeting with a teacher .

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